For many people living with pulmonary alveolar proteinosis (PAP) the mornings are the most difficult time during the day. You may get short of breath when taking a shower or putting on your clothes. Or you may be in a hurry getting off to work or taking your children to school.

All the morning tasks can make it difficult to get a calm start of the day. But a peaceful start of the day makes you less stressful. That is good for everyone – and especially if you like many PAP patients sometimes get short of breath.

So what can you do to have a good start of the day? You can create morning routines. It is not rocket science, but more a matter of adaptation and planning.

6 routines that will make your mornings great

  1. Get a good night’s sleep
    Go to bed early and use plenty of pillows to help your breathing. Some people with PAP use a V-pillow[3]
  2. Drink less during the evening
    The more you drink during the evening the more likely it is that your sleep will get interrupted by  toilet visits. Especially coffee, tea and alcohol are diuretic
  3. Prepare for the morning the evening before
    Everything you can do the evening before will give you more time in the morning. You might want to set the breakfast table, get your clothes out for the next day ready and make sure that your bag is ready
  4. Don’t do anything else than the necessary
    Avoid doing things in the morning that you can do at other times during the day
  5. Take your time
    The more you stress yourself in the morning the bigger the risk of you getting short of breath
  6. Start the day with a smile
    Starting the day with high spirits makes it easier to cope with the chores of the day. So try to make time to do something that you enjoy every morning – eg. drink a cup of coffee or read the newspaper

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