Tips to everyday life

Keep your breathing healthy

  • Ventilate – a healthy indoor climate is always good to keep the air fresh
  • Clean the house frequently – dust annoys your lungs. You may want to get help to clean the house
  • Place important stuff in your home above waist height – it requires more energy and air when you bend down
  • Enjoy fresh air – some people find that an open window or being out in the fresh air helps them calm their breathing
  • Listen to music – for others listening to music helps them relax and get control of their breathing
  • Sing! – singing is good exercise for the lungs

Feel refreshed

  • Take time to get up in the morning and have a good start of the day
  • Plan your day and make sure to have time for rests – even a 5 minute pause can make a difference
  • Prioritise your social arrangements and don’t have too many during the week
  • Let other people help you when needed

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Stay happy

  • Focus on what you CAN do  – not on the things you are not able to
  • Prioritise your schedule – make sure to prioritise the things you love to do
  • Don’t push yourself – do what you are capable of

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