Practical help


An electrical bicycle or a tandem bike is a brilliant way to get around without getting your breath too much up

Especially if you are in need of oxygen, getting around can be a challenge. Even a short walk can be exhausting when breathing is difficult. But others before you have experienced the same challenges and a variety of helping devices has been developed.

You may or may not feel you need a helping device in your everyday life, but below are listed some devices that have helped others in your situation to maintain an active life.

Stay active

  • A walker will allow you to find support wherever you go. If you need a break or lose your balance, the walker will be there for you.
  • An electric bicycle is a brilliant way to get around without getting your breath up and using too much energy
  • A bath bench provides a safe seating platform when you are in the shower. ¬†At the same time you minimise the risk of slipping on the wet floor.
  • Using a planner is a great way to make sure that you have time for resting in between social arrangements

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Optimised breathing

  • An oxygen reader shows the oxygen level in the blood
    You can get a little reader to put on your finger and it will tell you your oxygen level. Be aware that the oxygen level always goes up and down. So using it all the time can be distracting
  • An oxygen handbag is a discrete way to bring oxygen with you
    If you are depended on having oxygen with you at all times you can get many designer handbags (for both men and women) to transport your oxygen
  • Pillows help you get your head up when sleeping
    It sometimes helps to raise the head, if you have trouble sleeping. You can stack a lot of normal pillows or you can do as Jacqui and use a v-pillow that gives extra support for your spine and back and helps reduce aches and pains

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