Type of holiday

What you can do at home you can do when abroad.

What you can do at home you can do when abroad.

You may wonder what kind of holiday you can go on. A good rule of thumb is: What you are capable of doing at home you can most likely also do when abroad.

City break

If you are able to walk around in your neighbourhood you are most likely able to walk around in any city in the world. To get the most out of your city break you should take time to plan the trip in detail before going.

What areas would you like to see? What means of transport can you use to get around? How much is realistic for you to do in one day without exhausting yourself? How often will you need to rest? Does it matter if the hotel has air condition?

You may want to share your thoughts with your doctor and your travel partner. Remember not to rush through everything to see it all. It is better to prioritise a few places that you have the time and energy to explore.

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Beach holiday

A beach holiday is a great way to explore and relax at the same time. Some may feel it is less demanding than a city break. Many people with PAP find it easier to breathe in summer temperatures.It is a good investment for you to spend time on researching the area and hotel before booking. Look at how you get around, if there are many stairs and places to eat in the nearby neighbourhood. And don’t forget to match your expectations with those of your travel partner(s).

Active holiday

Are you dreaming of an active holiday like going camping, hiking or doing sports?

This, too, is possible. You just have to be realistic about your energy and the challenges an active holiday may give you. And remember to put in time for rests during the day. Especially if you are travelling with oxygen you have to make sure that you can get the oxygen recharged during the day.

It is important that you talk to your doctor about how you can make an active holiday work for you and it might also be useful to discuss the destination. Will it for example be a problem for you to stay up in the mountains where the air is thinner?

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